eGov Tech Labs in Bangalore

Electronic Government Authority

EGA or Electronic Government Authority of Ras Al Khaimah is the most innovative e-government initiative in the world.

EGA was established in 2004 with an 8-member team in RAK to set up the e-governance infrastructure, deliver public services and engage citizens online.
It aims to constantly improve what the government of RAK has to offer and paves a simpler way for the public and government to work together.

Focus Area

The Labs works on digitizing three kinds of services.

Personal Services (G2C)

Offering a centralized depository for
governmental services and
solutions to the citizens.

Corporate Services (G2B)

Providing collaborative platforms
and services for businesses and
investors to work together.

Goverment Services (G2G)

Modernising and upgrading internal
departments for improved


Work at eGov Tech Labs is a combination of activities.



Redefine the functioning of governmental services by digitizing and upgrading them.



Collaborate with different departments to centralize the delivery of the most efficient quality of services.



Manage the integration of simplified governmental procedures on online and mobile platforms.


  • Electronic Government Authority (EGA) obtained ISO Certification and was established in 2004.
  • The Government Resource Planning (GRP) Project was launched with the implementation of SAP.
  • National Award at the UAE m-Government Services Awards for RAKpay in 2014.
  • Obtained LRQA certification that covered the scope of the entire organization including Datacenter Management.
  • Established Disaster Recovery (DR) for SAP and an automation tool for DR.

Ras Al Khaimah

RAK or Ras Al Khaimah is the fastest-growing Emirate. Popularly known for its diversified economy, RAK attracts international businesses and investors from all across the world.