eGov Tech Labs in Bangalore

Experience : 5+years relevant experience

Qualification : Diploma in surveying

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Experience of at least five (5) years.
  • Knowledge and capacity of other skills:- Know the ways that implementation of survey operations and application of high skill.- Knowledge of using computers in surveying.- Knowledge of English language


  • Full knowledge of the secretion process by engineering plans.
  • Knowledge in reading topographic maps.
  • Knowledge in topographic sections of buildings and roads.
  • Knowledge in identification materials for the preparation of topographic maps and fees and processing.
  • Supervising frequently the maintenance of surveying equipment.
  • The ability to save maps and graphics in precise locations.
  • Continuedevelopments and improving the work methodology and procedures.
  • Applying the rules and principles and standards of control , security and safety certified professional.
  • Contribute to the implementation of measures and actions aimed at organizing information and statistical base to facilitate daily business achievement as required.
  • Perform any other work assigned to the related course work.
  • The ability to adapt to the nature of the work and the ability to solve problems in the field
  • Using the full knowledge of all the surveying devices (GPS, Total Station, Level, GPS Handel, ... .etc.)